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My awareness includes a universe wherein there is an intangible rate of exchange between people. The phrase I’ve coined mentally for this exchange is Alternate Currency. Alternate Currency is not of the material world and as such defies being stuffed into a box and or being quantified.

My artistic friends live, work and play, largely in this universe propelled by alternate currency. My artistic friends honor the intrinsic value of freedom and experimentation that supports personal expression.

They understand the value of art for arts’ sake. Often described as “weird” when I find myself relaxing in the bosom of this group, the thrilling exchange of energies running high, wild and free fulfill my needs in a way that the material world cannot touch. My lungs fill with a deeper breath as each and every one of the seventeen trillions cells in my body engage in a splendiferous dance, joyously alive.

For a very long time I wondered and worried about the “other” people who I saw as fundamentally disadvantaged.

My impulse was to recruit everyone around me to see life through my rose colored glasses. Who wouldn’t want to feel more enlivened every day in every way? Didn’t I have a responsibility to convert people to my world view? Naive and optimistic my stance was bold. I began passing out a business card sporting the slogan, “There is no box. The pie is not finite. There are no dirty body parts.”

Much to my chagrin the slogan was inevitably poorly interpreted.

After numerous frustrating experiences trying to explain to folks I considered dunderheads—“No— “there are no dirty body parts” was neither an invitation to, nor an endorsement of, sodomy I gave up. Like an eighties hairdo crushed by its own weight, eventually I retired the card.

Today I have a business card that is used when I know I am dealing with a orporate buttoned down mind set. It is simple, clean, clear, and I avoid “artsy fartsy” type fonts. Just as Improv games have some rules, business games have rules.

The corporate button down mind set stands as a world apart from we who value life in the moment.

The language is specific to present objective valuation and future objective valuation. The agreed upon objective standard is money. Money is the score keeper and everyone plays to win. Conversation is populated by endless hours of hashing about on generating profit, plans, goals, objectives, bottom lines, timelines, deadlines, contingencies, budgets, cash flow analysis, strategies, markets, market segments, data, statistics, sales, gross profits, net profits, profit margins, revenue growth, and risk assessment. Everything that can be quantified must be quantified.

There is not much gauzy-feel-good-it’s-OK-to-try- and- fail when you are playing a winner takes all game. Hit it and get it or quit it. Much eating of the young takes place. Domination is prized, co-operation is suspect. This is the current model. The emerging model thankfully accommodates my desire to persuade through attraction as a creative enthusiast.

Mastering the basic concepts behind the corporate button down mindset and having a functional grasp of how to negotiate using their language requires more skill than talent. In a future blog I will be revealing the three biggest secrets about objective valuation that will result in making much more money that you thought possible when dealing with the corporate button down mindset.

The artist that I am runs the gambit between being mildly allergic and wildly allergic to addressing my life in the context of this vocabulary.

As is the case with every artist I know, a central fact of my life is that I both completely resist and totally require management.

This blog is a preface to upcoming blogs when I will be addressing this

community more through the vocabulary of the button down mind set than through the lens of alternate currency. I apologize in advance for all those times we are cringing our way through the process. What I now know is that if an artist can push themselves through this particular funnel the rewards not only for the artist, but for those sharing the benefits of the gift of alternate currency are spectacular. There are souls attached to your gifts. That is the nature of the universe.

When it comes to business, although I absolutely and completely reject the notion that the pie is finite, there really is a box. Getting your life’s work into the business box so that you don’t have to play small is simply a matter of education and choice. My slogan, amended by experience is “There is a business box, the pies’ not finite, there are no dirty money parts.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading this first of (approximately) ten posts. I welcome your comments and feedback.