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Check out a sampling of some of the games:
This game invites participants to collaborate with and be extremely attentive to their partner (twin) in a playful way. It requires cooperation, concentration, and complicity. Players learn to be focused and fully present with another person, cooperate and practice “not-leading” and not-being-led, and practice listening very carefully.


Word Flip
In this active game, participants brainstorm alternative words for personal characteristics usually described in negative terms. The flip of the word “lazy” would be “knows how to relax.” Players discover alternative interpretations for behaviors often perceived negatively, consider different perspectives, and practice silencing a critical voice.


Anyone Else?
In this game, participants get acquainted with in a playful way by sharing their values, hobbies, and preferred aspects of relationships. Players get acquainted with fellow participants, identify preferred ingredients in relationships, and share aspects of theirselves that are meaningful.
Switch Story
This activity requires that participants bring their attention to the present moment and thus gives them a rich experience of listening and co-creating with others. Players practice being present and listening carefully to others.

Your past is a story.

You can see the path you want for yourself.

What’s your New Story?